Using customer data to heatmap and validate new store locations!

The challenge

STIHL have used rural mailer campaigns as a longstanding part of their marketing strategy due to how well they perform.

However when it comes to opening new stores, they engaged with REACH for a deep dive on data and insights to help inform and validate where new STIHL SHOPs would be best placed location-wise for the greatest bang for buck.

REACH solution

REACH jumped right into the data and using their proprietary analysis tools of customer segmentation and transactional data analysis they were able to design a heat map that showed where the best location for STIHL stores would be based on customer data, transactional data, store traffic and opportunity.

The outcomes

Store fit outs are a big investment so the value in being able to make these location decisions confidently and project future results was critical.

REACH truly cares about our business. They’re good people who regularly present relevant ideas to us and consistently provide great service. From using data insights to help determine our next store locations to running our regular letterbox campaigns, I would recommend them as a marketing partner.

Stace Hall, Marketing Manager, STIHL NZ

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