About US

We're the only Company In NZ that do what we do

We connect your brand with the shoppers most likely to buy your stuff - creating campaigns that use real media and digital media – because that’s how humans live their lives…between offline and online worlds.


Our Story

It started in a classic Kiwi garage with a simple idea - to bring businesses and buyers together with a better letterbox marketing service.

Back then it was all physical maps and compasses… to ensure targeted campaigns! Fast-forward more than 25 years and that garage has morphed into a robust team of marketers and data scientists with a range of marketing services all under one convenient roof.

We’re focused on connection - connecting your brand with shoppers most likely to buy your stuff. We want to see NZ businesses grow, with campaigns that are designed around how people like to shop – both online and in person.

These days we’ve changed the game. We now inject the letterbox channel with proven data targeting, a lot of creativity AND offer digital marketing to go with it, so you can reach even more of your perfect customers. We know for a fact that digital advertising spaces are more cluttered than ever before – and that humans crave real media experiences in their lives. So we create marketing campaigns that talk to your customers in ways that cut through ‘the noise’.

The Kiwis who deliver your marketing

From kids starting their first job, to teens supporting studies and retirees getting out and exercising. Our network of more than 3000, love connecting your brand with their local letterboxes.

What sort of things do you save your earnings from REACH on?

I’m planning to save my money for my first car, but parts of my earnings have been spent on a new phone and boogie board!

What I love about delivering for REACH is...

I feel like it is a great community service and I like to see people pop out to their letterbox to pick up their papers after I deliver them.

I started delivering for REACH...

Last year, when my mum and I were at the shopping mall, and we saw a table with two St Johns staff kindly asking to have a donation for sick people, so I decided to get a job to earn money to donate to them!

We're always looking for new talent

Email us now for potential job openings.

Meet The team

A quirky, creative bunch with one thing in common...helping grow the backbone of NZ business. Check us out, we don't bite.

Duncan Chae
Product Lead

I enjoy working at REACH because it's a fun and supportive environment. The team is great, the work is interesting, and there's always room to grow. It's a place where I feel valued and motivated to do my best every day.

Tim MacMillan
Head of Product Impact & Innovation

I like working at REACH because it gives me the opportunity to meet lots of interesting kiwi business folk - from start-ups to SME's to enterprise companies. Helping them overcome challenges and realise opportunities for growth spins my wheels.

Struan Abernethy
Chief Executive Officer

I love the creativity and innovation that permeates throughout our people and culture, and then how that delivers for our customers

Paul Howes
National Operations Manager

The Reach values strongly underpin and foster a culture that celebrates curiosity and innovation.

Sarah Whitehouse
Sales Director

I love working at REACH as it never stands still, the team is always pushing for great things with our customers and there is a real investment in how we partner with our customers for success.