Pearce Brothers

Pearce Brothers

The challenge

Pearce Brothers is a used car group based in South Auckland. The decreasing economy and people being conservative with their spending has been a big challenge. They have also faced an increase in competitors since COVID. 

When searching for their industry on Google they were seeing their competitors coming up first.

REACH solution

REACH approached Pearce Brothers after identifying zero brand presence across the web. By targeting relevant demographics, in-market audiences and locations, a paid advertising plan was put in place to advertise on Google, Trade Me and other automotive industry related websites.

The outcomes

Increase in website traffic and foot traffic in store. Increase in brand awareness, with customers mentioning they saw their ad on Google. Increase in customers looking to sell their cars.

I would recommend REACH to other businesses as they give us a lot of reporting which gives us confidence what we are paying for is actually working.

If you feel like you don’t quite have the presence on the internet and want to expand to a larger customer base then I would definitely recommend REACH.

Who's Using It

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