Customers: If you don’t understand them, how can you market to them?

Great marketing starts with one thing - understanding your audience.

Get under the hood of your perfect Customers

There are lots of really clever data companies around. Some specialise in really specific data services, and others are great all-rounders.

We’re a marketing company so we work with thousands of New Zealand businesses. 20+ years doing that has made us really good at data stuff relating to your customers, your target audience, and your marketing activity.

What can we offer? How to use data to make better decisions.

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I want to find more perfect customers or I want to understand my customers better

A deeper understanding of your customers means better business decisions.

Talk to us about:

  • Profiling your customers to understand their demography, location, behaviours and interests.
  • Finding more ideal customers and the best way to communicate with them
  • Creating customer segments to enable product development, market expansion, targeted marketing and personalisation.
  • Customer churn and retention - Understanding and developing strategies to improve.
  • Direct marketing lists - get targeted contacts to grow your customer base.

Benefit your brand:

  • Refine customer touchpoints to drive improved customer experience.
  • Use customer feedback in product development and improvement.
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Improve retention and loyalty
  • Get a customer centric business by sharing insights across your business

I want to optimise my retail store presence or I need useable insights from data to make better decisions

Whether you’re new to a market or expanding your store network you have critical decisions to make relating to optimal store placements.

Talk to us about:

  • Optimising your current bricks and mortar store network
  • Finding the best place to put your next store
  • Optimising your ecommerce logistics for efficiency and great customer experience
  • Using your data to create a strong growth strategy
  • Forecasting product demand

Benefit your brand:

  • How many stores do you need? 
  • Where should they go and which stores have the highest potential to bring incremental growth? 
  • What's the optimal product ranging and store layout for your new store?
  • How about ecommerce? - Local or centralised fulfilment?
  • Are you franchising? How do we build those franchise areas and quantify the value back to potential owners?

Is there something else we can help you with?

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