Data-driven Marketing campaigns

From the team that have always excelled in letterbox, we now have some pretty slick digital services so you can build your whole campaign under one roof! From digital catalogues and Social Media Advertising to Google Search & Display, we’ve got you covered.

Social Media Advertising

Create an effective social media ad campaign, fully targeted to your ideal audience based on key demographics and interests, across the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn environments. And if you don’t have time to post or interact with your followers?

Let us take care of your social media engagement. From posting on your feed to replying to your audience - it will be like you never left!

Display Ads

Get your brand across some of NZs most visited sites within the Google Display Network - such as NZ Herald, TradeMe and Stuff. Display your advert to your target audience in high traffic areas, in a cost-effective way.

Target audiences are highly customisable and can be used to drive awareness, traffic, sales and more!

Search (SEO/SEM)

Make sure you’re appearing in Google when people search for businesses and products like yours! Improve the visibility of your advertising within search engine results (SEM) and optimise your website, including content, relevance, usability and quality, to improve your position within search engine results (SEO).

Search advertising brings in high intent users to your website when they are actively searching for the products or services you offer!

Digital Catalogue

Need a super quick way to give your shoppers a great online experience? Try a digital catalogue, a shoppable and interactive alternative that leverages your physical mailer.

Used by some of NZs biggest retail brands, our digital catalogue allows fast and interactive shopping that gives you killer data insights on how people interact with your products, improving customer experience and business efficiency.

"It boosted business in a tough economy..."

Luke Wilson, Operations Manager for Pearce Brothers in South Auckland, shares how using paid digital advertising through REACH has boosted business in a tough economy.

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