smart businesses use Letterbox marketing

Get real-world cut through with modern, smart letterbox marketing. Not to mention HUGE reach every week using our team of more than 3000 ‘walkers’.

Problem it solves

In a saturated digital advertising space using a channel like the letterbox in your marketing mix allows you to stand out in a crowded marketplace, reach new customers and get more website traffic and leads.

Benefits & Results

Over 3000 NZ businesses use the letterbox to stay ahead of their competition. 7/10 shoppers will tell someone about something they saw in a letterbox mailer, and around 60% of those that receive it will purchase something. Add letterbox marketing to your digital efforts and watch your business grow.

“Often customers come in-store clutching their mailer ready to do their shopping"

Angela Hurst, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience shares how using letterbox marketing gets great results for Liquorland.

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