LiquorLand champions Letterbox Marketing as a key channel in their marketing mix.

LiquorLand was the first physical mailer back in people’s letterboxes post covid so customers had not received mailers for a long time. We literally had strangers contact us saying it was like Christmas Day to have a mailer delivered again and they enjoyed flicking through it while enjoying a cup of tea. It was a signal of some normality coming back to life. It could be that 10 minutes in someone’s day which helps them relax, or plan their outings, it was amazing feedback to receive. In future, we will sit with REACH to gain a better understanding of what their digital offering consists of so we can further compliment the printed mailer. We are also keen to understand when a customer receives a mailer, to the time it takes them to come into a store a purchase, and what the key drivers of those visits. REACH have built smarts in this data space, so we want to better understand, and leverage their digital capability and understanding of the entire customer journey.

The challenge

The two main objectives are a combination of increasing brand awareness and driving foot traffic into our 160 stores nationwide. Keeping Liquorland as the top of mind brand for when customers are off to their next occasion is important, so they stop off at us first along the way. We must try and be all things to all people, whether the consumer wants a convenient and quick visit in to store, or a more curated experience where we can help educate and inspire them on which products, they can use to create a special cocktail, or choosing the best single malt whiskey to suit their tastes.

REACH solution

We run a national promotional pricing programme every two weeks which is supported by a printed mailer and distributed to just shy of one million households. It’s a really important component of our marketing calendar. Letterbox marketing provides us true national coverage. Our customers and our stores like to see and hold something tangible which has all the best offers included in one handy takeaway. Many customers come into our stores clutching their mailer and use it as a shopping tool. We’re able to identify delivery areas around each of our stores, ensuring that every LiquorLand in the country gets their fair share of the marketing spend. This is very important when you are a franchise organisation.

The outcome

This is where customer preference comes in. There is no doubt that consumers prefer some types of advertising over others, so it’s about getting the total marketing mix right. Mailers provide us with consistent brand awareness. We know it helps drive foot traffic into stores. There have been times where we have opted not to go to market with a mailer, and we have seen those sales results are not as favourable as when we are in market with a printed mailer.

We replicate the printed mailer on our website, which is the most visited page online. We know an increasing number of consumers are planning their shop before they head into a store, so use our mailer to compare pricing with other retailers, or curate their shopping list prior to coming in store.

The team at REACH are great to work with. They make my life easy. They’re highly organised and the schedules we build work like clockwork. This ensures our deadlines are met, and our fortnightly print and distribution process is seamless.

Angela Hurst – Head of Marketing & CX, LiquorLand NZ

When we moved our business to REACH from our other provider, they really did move heaven and earth to ensure our business and deliverables didn’t skip a beat. They took initiative to move schedules around to accommodate us. It’s a true partnership between REACH and Liquorland, and that goes a long way

Angela Hurst – Head of Marketing & CX, LiquorLand NZ

The team at REACH are awesome to work with. They’re such professionals who clearly love what they do. From day one, the service has been excellent, friendly, flexible, they’re an organisation that really care and want to understand our business needs.

Angela Hurst – Head of Marketing & CX, LiquorLand NZ

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