People Spotlight: Introducing Sarah Whitehouse

By REACH 27th October 2020 3 min read

Unicorns by day, Karaoke by night… and the most customer-centred Key Account Lead you’ll meet...

With her love/hate relationship with running making her super-relatable, and her client relationships and desire to see NZ Businesses grow top priority, we bailed up REACH’s Key Account Lead Sarah Whitehouse for a chat about wine and marketing solutions…

1. What spins your wheels about your industry?

Simply that I get to work with great people across our diverse client base to deliver on their goals.

Designing plans with the new and innovative product set at REACH is a lot of fun. And when clients’ trust us with their pain points and our recommendations on the right solutions it’s a really enjoyable and satisfying job.

2. What’s your backstory?

I’m an Auckland uni graduate and believe it or not my very first job was with REACH’s legacy business. After a few years I got the bug and headed over to London and to travel through Europe.

I jumped into a few different roles including a stint at EMI Music.

Once home again to NZ, I had the pull back to REACH – jumping back into the industry has meant I’ve seen and been a part of so much change over the years as the landscape for traditional media has evolved an digital has come in alongside. It’s been such a ride!

I’m lucky enough to have experienced a number of different roles from sales and service and then a full 360 back to Key Accounts. I think that’s my happy place ;)

3. Interesting accomplishments? Unique interests? Hidden talents? Guilty pleasures?

With toddler life well and truly consuming my personal time, my current interests are a mix of unicorns, stickers and other small-person joys. On a more mature note… I dabble in photography, cooking (don’t make the mistake of sampling my baking however)… what else… I enjoy a good day trek – most recently ticked off the Tongariro Crossing (in the snow!) and whilst you’re being impressed… I climbed Mt Fuji on honeymoon a few years back.

I’m guilty of a bit of karaoke, love a cocktail with friends, and of course life is not complete without chocolate, cheese and wine.

4. Go-to things that make you, you? Random info to share?

  • Coffee in the morning. It’s gotta be strong.
  • I need to keep exploring - cafes, bars, restaurants inspiring me to step up my game in the kitchen.
  • Running. We struggle along together.
  • A good book is my sleeping pill – so I’m always on the hunt...
  • And weekends we spend some quality time with the pooch and generally just appreciate the outdoors somewhere.

5. What’s the best thing about working at REACH?

There is a true innovative spark that runs through the business, this shows up in the way we work with clients, but also internally in how we change things to drive the business forward. I really enjoy being part of a team that delivers on this approach.

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