June 27, 2023

Delivering innovative letterbox campaigns for meaningful engagement

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As marketers seek new ways to break through the noise and clutter of everyday life, REACH heroes a traditional channel that is having a renaissance in this digital world.

With a robust team of marketers and data scientists, the letterbox marketing specialist understands the power that can be unleashed when a brand gets into the hands of the right consumers.

“Picking up a mailer or catalogue from your letterbox that is relevant to you as a shopper, means that mailer can remain in the home for up to two weeks on average. And once it’s there, letterbox marketing has phenomenal shareability among friends, family and flatmates,” says Sarah Whitehouse, Head of Strategic Accounts & Agency at REACH.

This mixed with the ability to target specific letterbox campaigns to the people most receptive to it equals a powerful combination.

“For those who love digital advertising, it’s worth noting that letterbox marketing has a really strong connection to driving digital traffic with over 50 percent of letterbox marketing readers then jumping online to a brand's website or to do further research. This just speaks to the power of letterbox supporting those digital campaigns and being a true omni-channel contributor in the marketing media mix.”

While many consumers have misconceptions about the environmental elements of using paper, Whitehouse says paper is part of a circular economy, meaning the paper used in letterbox marketing is renewable and sustainably sourced.

“With accredited paper suppliers, every tree used to make paper is replaced by at least three planted trees. And it can also be recycled once it has been read.”

After all, when combined, cloud-based technologies that drive modern mass communications are responsible for two percent of global emissions, whereas the pulp, print and paper industry accounts for one percent of global greenhouse gas emissions making it one of the lowest industrial emitter.

The paper industry also now plants three times more trees than it cuts down each year in efforts to maintain forests all over the globe.

She emphasises the importance of leveraging multiple channels for maximum impact, supported by compelling research that highlights the effectiveness of multi-channel campaigns when executed strategically. This is why REACH created a packaged product called REACHHOME for New Zealand brands, which offers a targeted combo campaign utilising both letterbox, Google and social advertising.

“We understand that digital will always be a part of the marketing mix for most brands but our robust belief is that many brands are missing out on the power of printed marketing and this channel is the one that needs greater awareness and education,” Whitehouse says.

“Real, tangible marketing  should complement digital activity because it will drive higher engagement than just digital alone. It builds brands, market share and online traffic.”

One customer that has seen the value that letterbox marketing has on supporting footfall and consumers’ path to purchase, is Liquorland.

“Letterbox marketing provides us true national coverage,” says Angela Hurst, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Liquorland.

“Our customers and our stores like to see and hold something tangible which has all the best offers included in one handy takeaway. Many customers come into our stores clutching their mailer and use it as a shopping tool.”

REACH collaborates closely with clients and agencies to create innovative and engaging campaigns that tap into the expanding demand for marketing channels.

These campaigns not only provide a break from the digital world but also align with the trends of slowing down and regrouping, capturing the attention of audiences seeking more meaningful and impactful experiences.

“We love to collaborate in this space, and the REACH team are constantly in ‘creative idea’ mode on how to ensure that surprise and delight feeling from the letterbox to the home.

“From clever ways on how to deliver sample product and vouchers, biodegradable or recyclable options, to luxury mailers with gold foiling and embossing; there are some fabulous thinkers within the team who love working with customers to deliver on their objectives.”

Whitehouse says 67 percent of readers have reported that catalogues are a “stress-free” way of browsing or shopping from their homes, making letterbox marketing a channel which aligns with the growing trends of slowing down, regrouping and taking time away from devices to wind down.

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