People Spotlight: Introducing Ksenia Kiykova

By REACH 23rd February 2021 3 min read

The Russian guru with a brain for data…

Meet REACH’s Analytics Manager – the force behind targeted marketing campaigns and next-level data analysis. We go geek and get a flavour of why science is such a critical part of a marketing campaign.

1. What spins your wheels about your industry?

So many things. Being on the data side of REACHmedia, I get to see so many businesses on the inside. Each of them unique and has their own story and goals. With each I feel privileged to be part of the journey and use my knowledge, skills, creativity and push myself further to uncover the unknown to drive the results.

And there is a lot to love about data – it is exciting, it has the power to inform and influence decisions and stop the guessing, it is factual. It drives curiosity – when the picture is incomplete and we have more questions, we don’t stop digging until we find answers.

Location intelligence especially, takes data to a whole other level and when blended with technology can lead to ‘supercharging’ your product offering to Who, Where, and How a brand would engage with their audience. Data and geo-enrichment are like a “secret sauce” that elevate the dish making it into a Michelin star one.

This industry enables continuous learning and as long as I am a part of it, I will never get bored!

2. What’s your backstory?

I have a degree in marketing and started my career with one of the global consumer electronic brands. Having worked for them for over a year, I needed new challenge and moved countries. What was supposed to be a one year OE turned into 15 years and a change in career... My curiosity, ‘So what’ and ‘What else’ landed me my first data job.

3. Interesting accomplishments? Unique interests? Hidden talents? Guilty pleasures?

Guilty pleasures are the two C's – coffee and chocolate. Growing up I took up a few sports, including gymnastics, freestyle wrestling, athletics, and basketball. I got pretty good at athletics and basketball. I also once won a baking competition by putting too much alcohol in my black forest cake and obviously clouding the judges’ judgement…I’d say a hidden talent ;)

4. Go-to things that make you, you? Random info to share?

Handwritten ‘To Do’ lists - it gives me a huge satisfaction crossing things out once completed. They also say that the intention is more powerful when written so hopefully I will manage to tick off all my tasks in one day.

As a above, coffee and chocolate. I am notorious for starting the day with a cup of long black and something sweet on the side.

5. What’s the best thing about working at REACH?

I cannot pick just one. For me, these would be opportunities, innovation, continuous improvement, and people.

When I started at REACH – exactly two years ago – I would not have even thought I would get to work on such a wide range of projects from spatial mapping and location intelligence to out of home audience measurement. It fuels my curiosity and keeps me going.

“A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It's the people that make the place” (Pittacus Lorre, I Am Number Four).

Here, at REACH, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing humans across the business who constantly challenge and push me to be a better version of myself.

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