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We are committed to build on the efforts of those who came before us, and to leave the business in a better place for those who come after us. A big part of that was realising there was more we could be doing to support our environment.

Striving for Sustainability

As people and businesses are becoming more aware of how our actions impact the environment, governments are embedding sustainability in the framework of industries and those with a duty to do more. So when we looked at our values - to be responsible, good humans and do better everyday - it prompted us to ask ‘what could WE be doing more of to reduce our negative environmental impacts?’

Through our extensive research, we outlined many ways we could improve as a business. We also recognised that getting to where we want to be will take time and that in our continual efforts to do better, the goalposts will continue to move as new resources and information become available.

Some of our current initiatives include:


From 2030, we also pledge to be a carbon neutral business. Working with Toitu Envirocare, we will use a standards-based, ISO14064, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Protocol approach to reducing our GHG emissions each year until 2030 and from 2030 will purchase carbon credits to offset any unavoidable remaining emissions.

Our hope is that as more and more businesses begin adopting these sustainable practices, it will result in a more sustainable, even carbon neutral end to end distribution of goods and services.

We’re not perfect, but that means there is always something more we can do. And we’re happy to take ownership of that, because since we began 25 years ago, we’ve been striving to better ourselves each and every day.