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How does it work?

There are few better ways to get people (or cats) to try your product than giving them something to try at home. Why? Because people love free stuff!
Sampling allows for a positive association to be made with your brand, as well as greater recognition when they see it for sale in the ‘real world’. Not only that, but those who receive your sample are also more likely to buy your product.
If your product is new-to-market, there is also the opportunity to ask for feedback, providing you with ways in which to improve your offering.

  • What: One of the most effective ways to get customers to try a new product, risk-free. Convert to your brand, launch new products and support the campaign with coupons to drive redemption. We can also deliver directly to consumers via letterbox or courier delivery.
  • Who for: Brands wishing to get their products direct to households. Pet food, health and beauty, confectionery, FMCG and more.
  • Why: De-risk your potential customers trialling something new. Allow them to understand whether the product meets their needs. Plus, psychology suggests that when someone is given a free sample, they will want to reciprocate the favour by making a future purchase of the product.
  • How: We can help with design and creative packaging solutions, print coupons and sustainable options. As well as providing insights into highly targeted audiences.
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How does it work?
Hunting & Fishing New Zealand combine letterbox and digital marketing for serious results.

Hunting & Fishing New Zealand combine letterbox and digital marketing for serious results.

letterbox marketing
1.3 Million Additional Mailers.
Significant increases in store and online traffic.
Significant expansion of their brand footprint
Increased online and in-store sales
Enhanced buying journeys for customers
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