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Digital Advertising

How does it work?

Get the full service experience, from strategy and creative, to campaign delivery and reporting. Choose from either ad-hoc campaigns or managed ‘always-on’ service options.

Your ads sit within the editorial content of a website. These “native” ads have the same look and feel as the content on the page! Native ad’s get high engagement as users read the content as they would an article on the page.

We like to keep things simple and only use digital advertising technology platforms that are GDPR compliant. In this way, we know that we are also fully compliant with the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020.

  • What: We create targeted, impactful media ads, while using insights from data such as behavioural factors, interests and geotargeting. We offer a fully managed service, including (1st and 3rd party data) targeting, campaign management and reporting. Your digital campaign will be continually optimised in real time.
  • Who for: Everyone - big, small and in between.
  • Why: To enhance your brand awareness and to drive store traffic and online visits.
  • How: Single campaign and ‘always-on’ retainer options. We can do all the work, from creative to post-campaign analytics - meaning you can just concentrate on the biz.
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How does it work?
EIT - Digital device retargeting, to boost performance on a marketing event.

EIT - Digital device retargeting, to boost performance on a marketing event.

Customer Targeting
Digital Retargeting
A big boost in engagement and performance by layering on digital targeting of the same audience.
Decision made to repeat this same campaign.
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