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Brand (Noun): The public image or reputation of an individual or group.

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Tell you what - we love everything to do with branding. Some may even say it’s ‘our jam’, (which we’ll happily take).

What’s essential about branding is that it showcases not only the products or services you offer, but that it aligns with your values as a business, conveys your unique selling proposition and gives your customers something to connect to. And this happens to be something we know quite a lot about. In fact, we are a trusted partner of many SMEs, who say that we are really good at ‘getting’ what they are all about and perhaps that is because we started out small too (from a classic Kiwi garage no less).

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Whether you know the answers and can inform us, or you need a marketing expert to use fresh eyes to extract your purpose and brand identity, your brand strategy guides everything about what you ‘look like’ to how you operate in market.

It’s crazy important!

  • What: A process that will ensure you don’t end up with just a pretty logo. But a brand identity that is purposeful, represents your uniqueness and gives you an edge in market.
  • Who for: all companies big and small – but especially those in the SME space, who may not have been through a brand strategy before.
  • Why: Good branding is where it all starts (or can finish!) – done well, it becomes a killer business asset, a reason customers buy from you and stay with you.
  • How: Depending on the work you’ve done on your brand to date, we’ll either take you through an enjoyable workshop, or get you to complete a questionnaire before we get into any design work.
  • Goes well with: Design, Website Build
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Sort your strategy

Brand Development

Branding is not just about designing a pretty picture for your logo. It’s about a strategy that informs your visual representation and your ‘personality’. When you’ve nailed your identity, you can build out your brand profile - online and offline, from your website, to social, printed materials and more, and get a truly competitive edge.

  • What: A band identity design pack – including logo variations, imagery guidance, fonts, and guidelines on how to ‘police’ your brand so it remains strong and consistent.
  • Who for: All companies big and small – but especially those in the SME space, who may not have been through a brand strategy before.
  • Why: If a customer comes down to two choices of company to buy from – who do you think they’ll go for…the better looking one or the average design? Good design engenders trust, excitement and cut-through. Fact.
  • How: We start with understanding your business in our strategy process, then our designer will take that information and turn it into relevant design ‘gold’ for your business.
  • Goes well with: Strategy, Website Build
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Brand Development

Website Design & Build

Let us make your website look good - and function well too. From the design to the content, we provide a fast, easy process to present your brand online and ensure a robust setup, so customers can find you easily.

End to end process. 2 - 3 weeks. Cost effective.

Choose from:

  • A three to six page site
  • Ecommerce site

(Content writing included)

  • What: Design, copywrite and build simple websites in WordPress or similar. Plus an SEO starter (to ensure that your website has the best chance of appearing in Google searches)
  • Who for: Small to medium businesses looking to develop an online presence. Start-ups
  • Why: These days – you’ve got to have a website. And a good one at that. It’s an online showroom for your brand, and we provide an easy management option for after it’s built.
  • Goes well with: Brand Design, Strategy
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Website Design & Build

Ongoing Hosting & Management

Make website updates, security and maintenance a breeze with competitive hosting so you can get back to business.

  • Ongoing maintenance, security, hosting and updates/support.
  • Email hosting also available.
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Ongoing Hosting & Management
Creating a powerful digital profile for RBJ Builders

Creating a powerful digital profile for RBJ Builders

Website Creation
A strong presence in competitive high-end building location – Queenstown
A foundation to build on their slick digital profile
A showcase for work and client testimonials
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