Great marketing starts with one thing - understanding your audience.

20+ years in profiling NZ neighbourhoods and households using data. This is data science at its best.

Mapping & Data Visualisation

Visual insights about where your customers are.

At REACH we know maps like the backs of our hands, and provide visual insights to help you answer business questions and help to make spatially aware decisions. By aggregating, analysing and exploring the data behind maps, we can understand perfect customer locations and determine patterns to get your business planning to the next level.

Media Optimisation & Effectiveness

Understand the real performance of your channels and their ROI

Stop guessing about where to spend budget, which channel, what messages have the most impact. We'll help you to understand campaign and channel performance, impact and conversion, so you can optimise your campaign for better performance.

Customer Analytics

Everything starts with knowing thy customer intimately.

Knowing your customers at a data level means you can marketing to them and serve them better. We help you find answers, make smart decisions and deliver positive and more personalised experiences.

Audience Measurement

The mutts nuts in understanding how people interact with your out of home marketing.

Combines ‘people, ‘place’ and ‘platform-centric’ intelligence for campaign performance. Know the WHOs, WHEREs and WHATs of your audience in real-world marketing outside of the digital domain. With robust measurement and focus on channel optimisation, we can identify different content’s performance across different locations and identify areas for optimisation.

Retail Analytics

Harnesses the power of address to drive success

Get under the hood of your customers behaviours, with insights derived from location analytics. We make it easier to find patterns and trends to support you in making more effective marketing and operational decisions.