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Retail & Brand Analytics

Grab your oxygen tank, it’s time to deep dive with your customers.

How does it work?

Customer loyalty is a golden ticket for businesses - but working out what makes your customers loyal to your business can be tricky. So just imagine what you could achieve if you’re able to tap into that! With our retail and brand analytics solution, you will also gain an understanding about cross-brand behaviour and find out about your potential primary and secondary market sizing.

  • What: Discover where your customers are, where and how they shop and the best way to service them. It will also help you to determine next store locations, by defining catchments and territories to support operations and marketing. The outcome will be a growth strategy that is underpinned by data.
  • Who for: Ideal for retailers, franchise businesses, SMEs & D2C brands.
  • Why: It’s all about data driven decision making, because it just makes sense! Combined with measurable results to ensure that it works the way it should be.
  • How: Direct engagement with our data consultants to develop solutions.
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How does it work?
STIHL - Using customer data to heatmap and validate new store locations!

STIHL - Using customer data to heatmap and validate new store locations!

Customer Data Analysis
Segmentation Targeting
Heat Mapping
The ability to make confident decisions on where to invest in more STIHL shops.
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