Get your marketing done now…pay for it later.

LayBuy for business is here! As part of REACH’s commitment to supporting NZ businesses we’ve created REACHPAY. You can kickstart your marketing campaign and pay it off as you go. Boom 😊Powered by Procuret, this option is available for digital, brand and data services at REACH.


Can be used for data + digital services at REACH
Pay for jobs from $1,000 to $60,000
Choose from 4 or 6 monthly instalments
Complete process online in 2 minutes
Start your instalment plan
Kickstart your marketing!

See it in action

Meet Emily. She runs a recruitment business which has had some rapid growth. To support this expansion she needs to create a new website and also wants to re-brand but needs some help. The website will cost $5,000 and the re-branding consultation will cost $8,000, but as with many growing businesses cashflow is tight, so she can't afford to pay for both services up front.

She chooses to pay with REACHPAY instead, which allows her to pay both services in 6 cashflow friendly monthly instalments of $2,384, which includes all the charges.

See it in action

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Talk to the REACH team today about REACHPAY to see if you qualify and let’s fast-track your brand, digital or data project today! *Conditions may apply.