People Spotlight: Introducing Tim Macmillan

By REACH 4th October 2020 3 min read

He’d never say it, but there are diamonds in businesses masquerading as dry-witted and humble ninjas. We held one of them down and made him tell us his story…

What spins your wheels about this industry?

Helping such a diverse range of people solve business problems and realise opportunities.

Our products and services benefit a huge range of businesses, from very clever people at big-box retailers and agency land, to entrepreneurial small business owners, professionals and charities.

As a data-driven marketer I'm curious to see how the marketing landscape will continue to evolve as behaviours change and technologies emerge. I like being at the forefront of this evolution and the work we’re doing - blending traditional and digital channels together is exciting and pretty unique.

What’s your backstory?

Mine’s a classic North Shore story. I grew up blasting west-coast rap in Mum's hatchback, with my hat on backwards…turning the volume down and winding the windows up if we ever ventured "over-the-bridge". I'd like to say I've become much cooler since then, but I fear that was a highpoint...

I've had lots of jobs, from filling supermarket shelves to shovelling scoria to putting wine labels on bottles in an export warehouse. With my librarians' physique and over-active mind I've naturally moved into analytical, project and management roles as I've gotten older. I feel I’ve come ‘home’.

Interesting accomplishments? Hidden talents? Guilty pleasures?

My latest guilty pleasure has been wrapping on my headband and doing fake karate in front of Cobra Kai on Netflix. It’s an iconic reboot if you grew up in the 80's, did kids martial arts and pretended you could fight at primary school...

Random info to share?

If I was a comic-book hero, my super powers would be playing monopoly and looking awkward in photos. Seriously. Come at me monopoly players.

I confess my addiction to energy drinks, which is sad at my age. In my defense, my personality requires an addictive vice and I'm sticking with the energy drinks for now.

What’s the best thing about working at REACH?

From the outside looking in, we’ve appeared a traditional media business, but we’re now getting out from under the hood and telling the story. There is some seriously innovative stuff happening here.

The other day I was wandering past the data scientists and someone was using their mobile device to scan a video playing on their laptop, which in turn triggered a mobile game. Just something they'd whipped up in their spare time!

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